Fanvil For600 - Casque avec micro pour téléphone IP

Casque avec micro pour téléphone IP For600

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For600 headset for telephone is very comfortable to wear. It has a compact appearance and is one of the high quality headsets elaborated by Bei’en.

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  • Casque avec micro pour téléphone IP For600



1.The microphone (Mic) is noise-proof and can screen 90% background noise so as to perfectly and truly present the sweet voice of the telephone operator.

2.The flat speaking tube shows the unique design and high quality even more and can rotates by 300 degrees.

3.Quick connecting wire (QD) can be selected so as to protect the interfaces of the telephone or the card.

4. Head clip can stretch freely so that you can wear it comfortably.

5. The voice communication effect is super clear.

6. It has the high-quality leather ear pad. Two additional ear pads are provided with the headset so that you can keep your headset new and sanitary.

7. One-year free warranty is guaranteed.

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